Horse Export Regulations

U.S. Customs Clearance
At the time of export, M2 Transport will generate a commercial invoice that includes the declared value of the animal being shipped, stating the name and address of the purchaser/consignee and the name and address of the seller/shipper. This information is provided by the owner/agent of the specific animal being exported. This commercial invoice is coupled with other pertinent export documentation and is then presented to U.S. Customs at the time of departure.

USDA / APHIS (United States Department of Agriculture/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) Requirements
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Each animal must travel with a USDA stamped export/health certificate. To obtain these pertinent documents there are blood tests, quarantine regulations and various other vaccinations that will be required. M2 Transport is experienced in compliance with these requirements, and can handle these details on our client’s behalf. We ensure that:

  • All blood tests and health certificates are completed by an accredited vet, registered with the USDA in the state of practice.
  • All health certificates will be presented to the USDA area vet in the state of origin of the exported horse for seal and endorsement.