Importing a Filly from Europe

by: Sean Nix

With all of the excitement of the Kentucky Derby and the events that go along with it this week, it’s hard to remember that there’s still work that needs to be done.  While I did manage to go out to the backside and enjoy the beautiful Kentucky morning, I then made my way back to the office to begin assisting on the importation of a 4yo filly from Europe.

In this case, I’m assisting an agent in Europe with the U.S. side of the import.  I work closely with the USDA to assure that an import permit is issued and that quarantine space is available for the filly when she arrives.  Today, I was able to arrange for a groom to be planeside when the filly arrives to handle all of the import paperwork and see that she makes it to the quarantine space safely.  I also supply the customs agent with the necessary documents in order for the filly to clear U.S. customs.

Once the filly departs from Europe, I will track the flight so I know exactly when she arrives.  I will send updates to the other agent and the owners so they’re aware of events throughout the shipment process.  The USDA requires that the filly be in quarantine upon arrival for 24 to 72 hours.  In this time, they will take her temperature and draw blood to send off to the lab.  Once the blood work results return and are negative, the filly will then be released and loaded onto a truck headed to Belmont Park where she will begin training in the U.S.

Things are under control on this shipment, but I will continue to monitor the situation until the filly safely arrives. I’m going to wrap up a few other work related items and then turn my focus back to the Derby festivities and enjoying the perks of working in the horse industry.