Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Energy Services Company

  • Challenge: One of our long time customers needed to transport gas equipment into Cairo as the uprising in late January 2011 was reaching its height. Lack of the equipment onsite was delaying our customer from moving forward on a multi-million dollar project. Air freight traffic in and out of Egypt at this time was at a standstill.
  • Solution: Our M2 charter specialist coordinated this shipment across several channels to insure its arrival in Cairo as scheduled. We secured two Boeing 747s to carry the oversize equipment from Houston to Cairo as Egypt was under siege. Once the aircraft were secured we worked with the Cairo Airport Authority to get permission to land and unload the cargo. Simultaneously we coordinated with a ground handling company to off load the cargo, a trucking company to pick it up, and a local agent for cargo clearance and delivery. Due to the volatility in the region at the time and limited vendor availability due to civil unrest, M2 was highly proactive in its approach to ensure this shipment arrived as scheduled.
  • Result: Our M2 charter specialist facilitated the permission to land the aircraft and coordinated the ground transportation necessary to move the equipment to its final destination. The consignee had one point of contact at M2 for the entire shipment and was continuously updated on the status and location of their cargo until it was successfully turned over to our customer, and saved millions of dollars in plant down time charges.